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Below are pictures of puppies from our sires and dams, so you can get an idea of what your puppy will look like.   

                       Hank x Diamond                                                                                                       Hank x Diamond


                                                     Hank x Diamond                                                                       Hank x Diamond


                                         Reuben x Diamond                                                             Reuben x Diamond


                Jud x Snickers                                                                                            Jud x Snickers

                            Hoolie x Snickers                                                                           Hoolie x Snickers


                       Nero x Chloe                                               Nero x Chloe                                                                      Nero x Chloe

                       Nero x Chloe                                                                                      Nero x Chloe                                                                     

                             Jud x Maple                                                                           Jud x Maple

                                Jud x Maple                                                                                                    Jud x Maple


                                                                                       Jud x Maple


                                Crimson x Rustie Puppies                                                                       Crimson x Rustie Puppies



                             Phoenix x Rustie                                                                                  Phoenix x Rustie                                                        


                         Jud x Stach                                                                          Jud x Stach                                                         Jud x Stach                                                       

                               Jud x Stach                                                                                                             Jud x Stach 



                           Nero x Leaf                                                                                               Nero x Leaf    


                                    Nero x Leaf                                                                                                                    Reuben x Leaf

                                   Nero x Leaf Puppies                                                                                      Reuben x Leaf Puppies

                    Ice x Feta puppies

                                Pound x Nero                                                                                   Pound x Nero


                                         Joy x Reuben                                                                                                      Joy x Reuben